Debora giving out sweet to the childrens at school



About us

About Us

Tang’neduk is a community based project found by Debora and Paul Odiwuor. We welcome communication from other individuals, groups and organisations who have an interest in our project.

Our Location

We are located in Kawiya village on the rural outskits of Homa Bay town Nyanza province. The project was formed as result of rural migration resulting from the 2007 general election conflict in Kenya that has led to social discrimination and violation of human rights. We are 20km south east of Lake Victoria which lies on the hinterlands of Rangwe Division-Central Kochia.

Climatic Conditions

Homa Bay town’s climatic condition is semi-arid and it has two rainy seasons. Long rains which falls between the months of March and May while short rains fall between September and November with approximately measurements of 1180 millimeters. It has temperature range between 26-28 oC. Our average daily temprature in Kawiya village is 32C.

Our Beneficiaries

Children are the most vulnerable in our community, they have suffered as the living condition of their families have worsened, resulting in low income, and little schooling. Three out of five childrens had no schooling at all because of increase poverty level and famine from crop failure. This has forced their poor, disadvantage parents to decide who in the family will get to eat each day – and who will not?? … That is why we started Tang’neduk Youthgroup, a Community Based Project registered officially with the Ministry of Gender, Childrens and Social Development on 7/3/2011.

Our Mission

We have a focussed mission of wipping away the tears caused by hunger, lack of education, disease, nakedness and the need for protection in the form of adequate shelter, through community base transformation on the following subject: